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We offer wide variety sharbats in different natural flvaours. Our assortment of sharbats are flower based and fruit based sharbats such as Thandai (Energy Drink), Kesar Elaichi (Saffron), Rose (Gulab), Sandal (Chandan), Jasmine (Motia), Kewda, Khus, etc. Khus relieves acidity, purifies blood, takes out excessive heat from the body and gives cooling effect. Healthy energy fruit drinks energize body and provides immediate relief in cases of heat stroke. Khus drinks diuretic properties help in improving the flow of urine that makes this a dependable heat fighter. Special-Use with curd or Lassi gives a special delicious taste.

We also produce premium quality fruit based sharbats by using fruits such as Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Litchi, etc. Our premium quality products are manufactured by using pure and fresh ingredients.

Our sharbats are not only tasty but also have health benefits and they provide freshness and energy to the individual. They are good source to provide solace to fight against the extreme hot conditions.