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Pan Chatni

In many parts of India Pan is must have item after meals. To make pans more tasty, we have made various types of Chatnis some of them are flower based and some are fruit based. We offer wide range of flower based Pan-chatnis such as Real Saffron (Pure Kesar), Safran Gold (Kesar), Green Gold (Khus), Real Sandal (Chandan) and Real Bela Bahar (Motia). Our fruit based Pan-Chatni includes; Real Sir Strawberry, Real Sir Mango, Real Sire Pineapple, Real Sir Litchi, Real Sir Peach and Real choco (Chocolate).

Company is always eager to come out with innovative and new products. Some of the upcoming exclusive range includes Rooh Kewda, Kesar Kastoori, Cool Cool (Mint Base), Jasmine, Raat Rani, etc. We source out good quality natural ingredient from best vendors and some of the cases from the original producers. We fully check the quality of raw material before procuring and our quality management experts go into the minute details of the basic ingredients. Apart from good raw material we also have most modern manufacturing facility. Our production and quality assurance work in close tandem and leaves no scope for any kind of Laxity in quality of products.