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India is the second most populated country in the world. Accordingly it is big potential market for consumable items. KTC Products very well understands the taste sense of the consumers and is engaged in manufacturing Natural and Herbal products such as Pan Chatanis, Pan Based Mouth Fresheners and Non-Alcoholic Sweetened Beverages (Sharbats). We offer wide variety of Pan Chatnis some of which are Flower Based and some are Fruit Based. Flower based Chatnis include Real Saffron (Pure Kesar), Saffron Gold( Kesar), Green Gold(Khus), Real Sandal (Chandan), Real Bela Bahar (Motia), Real Gulab (Rose), Kesar Kastoori, Cool Cool (Mint base) and Fruit based chatnis are Real Sir Strawberry, Real Sir Mango, Real Sir Pineapple, Real Sir Litchi, Real Sir Peach and Real Choco....

Our Products Range

Pan Chatni

  • Khas Pan Chatni
  • Pineapple Pan Chatni
  • Saffron Pan Chatni
  • Sandal Pan Chatni
  • Mango Pan Chatni
  • Litchi Pan Chatni
  • Strawberry Pan Chatni

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Mouth Freshener

  • Kanha (Pure Pan)
  • Genius (Kesar based
    Calcutta Pan)

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  • Kesar Elaichi Sharbat
  • Gulab Sharbat
  • ShahiThandai
  • Strawberry Sharbats
  • Mango Sharbats
  • Litchi Sharbats
  • Pineapple Sharbats

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Gola Maker

  • Chuski (Ice Crusher Machine)

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